Mike & Kristen Krieg

Mike and Kristen Krieg Storyline

Executive Director


Mike Krieg is a co-founder and the executive director of Storyline. He is a mission mobilizer, practitioner, and educator in cross cultural mission. He and his wife Kristen lived in Russia for several years developing college ministries. They are passionate about seeing missionaries raised up and sent out from the global church. Kristen Krieg assists in giving administrative leadership to Storyline. Kristen is a mom to her three kids and operates behind the scenes in managing finances and operations for Storyline staff and partners. Kristen is a profound source of wisdom for our staff and leaders. She loves bringing restoration to people and places.


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Contact Mike: Mike.Krieg@StorylineMissions.org

Contact Kristen: Kristen.Krieg@StorylineMissions.org

Storyline, EIN 47-4430042, is a Texas nonprofit corporation with IRS Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
Storyline exists to accelerate missions from the global church. What were once the mission fields have become the new mission force. We are fueling an emerging movement of non-Western missionaries and church planters from Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Christian missions is now from everywhere to everyone.