National Christian Foundation

National Christian Foundation

Giving to Storyline through the National Christian Foundation


Thanks for your generosity and donation of finances to Storyline through National Christian Foundation! It’s really one of the most strategic, effective ways to maximize your giving and minimize your tax burden!


Completing this process is very simple thanks to our partnership with National Christian Foundation. Below are the steps to follow:


1. Initiate the transfer with your broker. Your broker will ask for an account or DTC number, which you can find on this Transfer Document to Storyline. DTC works just fine, but if this is coming from an account with Fidelity, Schwab, Merrill Lynch or TD Ameritrade, you can send it directly to NCF’s account with those firms using the account number(s) listed and it saves on some transfer fees. The document can be used as a form for your broker, but they likely have their own. You don’t have to use the form, but it does contain account numbers that your broker may need.


2. This is a really important step. Send a copy of your transfer authorization issued by your broker showing the assets transferred to and our finance department will confirm with you and take care of getting the info to National Christian Foundation.  Without it, NCF will receive the funds but not know to allocate it to Storyline.


That’s it. The transfer should take 3-5 days to complete, at which point we’ll confirm with you. You’ll receive a receipt for your donation to the National Christian Foundation earmarked for Storyline. You won’t receive a year-end receipt from Storyline because technically your donation is to NCF.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to our finance department at (512) 831-6563 or


Thanks for your generosity!


The Storyline Team