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Storyline Study:

Discovering Your Story in God’s Global Mission

The Storyline study is an individual or Small Group study designed to help you discover God’s purpose, God’s people, and God’s plan in world missions. This study provides new perspectives about God and His global mission. You will be introduced to the most important biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic realities for elevating your understanding of the Great Commission. Discover how the story of your life plays an important part in fulfilling God’s story.


The Storyline Study consists of 8-lessons with articles to read, videos to watch, a thorough biblical study of scriptures, and great conversation questions to discuss what you are learning. This study helps you discover your unique role in God’s global mission so you can begin taking action now. We encourage you to gather your friends, family, and colleagues to discuss the Storyline study.

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Storyline Seminar:

A One-Day Presentation about Discovering Your Story in God’s Global Mission.

One of the most pressing challenges in mission mobilization is helping followers of Jesus connect practically with God’s global mission. As church leaders engaged in ministry, we are always looking for better ways to help people in our churches discover their most strategic role in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Ralph Winter, founder of the United States Center for World Mission once posed a great question, “How can God call people into mission, on the basis of information they do not have?”


With this in mind, we have developed a 3-part, six hour, mission education experience called the “Storyline” seminar. The vision and information in this Storyline presentation are centered on primary themes related to the Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic aspects of mission. Our speakers are experienced missionaries and mission mobilizers who are passionate about helping followers of Jesus find and connect to their most strategic role in helping complete the Great Commission. Our hope is that the Storyline seminar can be a powerful resource to assist you in sparking enthusiasm and mission momentum in your ministry or local church.


Contact us for more information on hosting the Storyline Presentation: Info@storylinemissions.org

Storyline Presentation
Storyline seminar