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We serve our partners in different ways. All of our projects are focused on developing healthy, sustaining, mission movements that result in churches and communities of faith planted among the unreached.

Condor partner JPG

“Storyline has helped me gain a vision for sending 25,000 missionaries from Ukraine in the next 45 years.”

Volodimir Condor

Director of Foreign Missions, Ukrainian Baptist Union

DOT Missionary Group is a team of Christian missionaries formed and located in Russia. It is focused on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Oleg Kunin

Director of Dot Mission Group, Russia

“Your resources and equipping are providing a great way to bring awareness of the global mission into a local church. It helps Christians see their lives through the eyes of God’s plan for the world, and challenges them to find their own and their church’s place and role in this plan.”

Dmitri Mizichenko

Russian Baptist Union - Mission Committee Member

``I have stayed in the Caribbean Islands to prove that God can use small islands to do big things in missions.``

Bishop Nigel Henry

Mission Director for PAWI - serving Antigua and Barbuda

We facilitate the global movement of individuals, ministries, and resources to accomplish missional ministry in high risk communities.

Carlos and Rosario Cordero

Coalition Ministries Association, Costa Rica
Pioneer World Missions

``Storyline is helping us: To go with the gospel of Jesus Christ to peoples, tribes, nations and people groups where this gospel has not been preached or where the people have not had a meaningful presentation of the gospel made to them.``

Clifton & Betty Ann

Mission Mobilizers - Trinidad, West Indies


Regional Leader for Movida Latin America
Kostya and Margarita

``Storyline is helping us fulfill our mission in Rivne to reach young people for Christ and mobilize the church toward global mission. We are so thankful to have the Storyline team stand with us during this difficult time in our country!``

Constantin and Margarita Besedyuk

Rivne, Ukraine