Storyline Study

Storyline: Discovering Your Story in God’s Global Mission

Storyline Study Video Series:
Lesson 1-8 videos available in English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish.

The Storyline study will help you discover God’s purpose, God’s people, and God’s plan in global missions.  Reading short articles, watching introductory videos, and discussing the biblical content you will gain a new perspective and excitement for God and His work around the world. Discover how you can play an effective role in God’s story of completing the Great Commission. In this study you will learn:


  • The Bible tells one continuous story of God as a missionary God.
  • God’s people are God’s method to complete the Great Commission.
  • God has different roles for His people to play in reaching the world.
  • How ordinary people have joined God’s missionary story throughout history.
  • The difference between reached and unreached people groups.
  • Key mission vocabulary and terms.


This study will help you discover your unique role in God’s global mission. We encourage you to gather your friends, family, and colleagues to discuss the biblical and motivational lessons in the Storyline study.



Storyline Study - Discovering Your Story in God's Global Mission