What Is Storyline


We are fueling an emerging movement by equipping non-Western pastors and missions leaders to raise up their own foreign laborers for the future wave of missions.


The last 30 years has seen a rapid shift in the makeup of the global church. The explosive growth of the church in the global south and east has dramatically altered the ethnic and cultural makeup of the body of Christ on planet earth!



Today, most of the church of Jesus Christ is non-western, non-white, and non-wealthy. Mission thinkers are now saying that the American church comprises only 10% of the global church! The implications of this demographic transition on current mission strategy are enormous. Western Christians must embrace a new mission’s paradigm, and adopt an empowering posture for sending the global church.



In our day, we are witnessing the greatest non-western mission’s movement in history. The mission field in many parts of the world is producing a powerful mission force. And with this seismic change, new strategies are emerging. These strategies will require humility, courage, and the willingness to take risks in order to serve the global church as sending nations.



This unique and potent strategy is what we refer to as: Frontier Mobilization! Everywhere we travel in the world, whether it is Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America or Europe, national believers are asking the western church not to replace or supplant their work, but to come alongside them as partners.



Today, due to the explosive growth of the church in the global south and in Asia, new sending models will be needed. Through the development of ministry tools, equipping, training, and projects with our national partners, we are empowering the national church and seeing God raise up indigenous mission movements.


1,000 New Missionaries Every 10 Years.

We are committed to partnering internationally with new churches, denominations, and missionary sending agencies to send 1,000 new missionaries every ten years. The majority of these missionaries will come from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America. These missionaries, who have unique passport access, will be sent to the least reached peoples in the world in North Africa, Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia.


Flexibility, Relationships, Empowerment, Creativity, Best-in-Class, Effectiveness, Technology, The Local Church is the Hero

A new era in missions is here. Storyline is partnering with leaders around the world to accelerate mission momentum from the global church.

Your financial partnership with us is sending the greatest missionary force the world has ever known, to accomplish God’s great story in the world. Join us.

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